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History of Masteron Cutting the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program in Irving

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program was established in 1985 as the "Anadrol 50" Youth Action Center (YAC) program with the assistance of a Criminal Justice "Oxandrolone Powder India" Division grant. One officer was assigned to each of the three high schools and one officer to every two middle schools for a total of six officers. Enrollment for the Irving Independent School District (IISD) was slightly over 20,000 students. In 1993, enrollment Bestellen Cialis had grown to almost 25,000 students and the SRO program expanded to include seven additional officers and a sergeant. Masteron Water Retention There were "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" also three Mesterolone Antidepressant officers assigned to alternative education campuses and three more officers dedicated to elementary school. Currently, there are 19 "buy cheap jintropin online" SRO's providing law enforcement services to approximately 33,000 Irving ISD students and approximately 4,000 Carrollton / Farmers Branch ISD students.

An SRO is a member of a select group of specially trained, veteran officers assigned to schools on a full time basis. The Irving Police SRO Unit subscribes to the "Triad" concept which includes the SRO serving as law enforcement officer, educator, and counselor.

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